How to change the payment term?

Unfortunately, as a merchant we do not have the possibility to access the invoices issued by Klarna. However, as a buyer you have the possibility to view the exact payment information of your order at Klarna and to contact Klarna directly in case of a delayed delivery or a return. To do so, use the Klarna app or log in to

Delayed delivery:

You as a customer can pause your invoice at Klarna by yourself. If your package is not yet
there when the payment is due, you can go to the corresponding invoice on the due date
and report the problem. The invoice will then be paused for 21 days. If the package arrives
within this time, you can un-pause it. If not, you will be automatically contacted by Klarna.
It is important that you then reply to this mail so that the pause is extended.


If you want to return the goods, go to the corresponding invoice and click on
"Register return". The invoice will be paused for 28 days. If your return is submitted during
this period, you will receive an updated invoice with a new payment term. If none is posted,
you will be contacted again by Klarna and again it is important to respond to the
email immediately.

It's important that you keep receipts and correspondences until the process is complete.

Topic Dunning Fees:

In case of late delivery or returns Klarna books out the reminder fees, it is only important
that you as a customer contact Klarna in this case as well, because we as a merchant do
not receive any information from Klarna here and thus cannot claim a waiver of the fees.

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