Why do some products contain palm oil?

In some products we currently still use ingredients that are made from palm oil. This is because
there are unfortunately very few alternatives to palm oil at the moment that have the same caring

However, we always make sure that the palm oil we use is RSPO certified. We are also in the
process of gradually switching the products in question to a new formulation. This is already the
case with the night cream, for example.

You should also know that palm oil has rightly fallen into disrepute with regard to the conditions
under which it is cultivated and the clearing of forests, but the issue should not be viewed in such
a one-sided way. Many manufacturers (not necessarily only in the cosmetics industry) are
switching to other oils, such as coconut oil.

What still rarely comes up is that of course the production of coconut oil also requires land.
Only that the coconut palm is much less productive than the oil palm (3.3 tons of oil from the
oil palm per hectare in contrast to 0.7 tons of coconut oil on the same area). In addition, palm
oil definitely has some benefits for our skin.

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