The pump dispenser no longer works?

Night cream

Since the night cream has a somewhat firmer consistency due to its richness
(especially if it was exposed to low temperatures when delivered in the package), the pump
dispenser often has a bit of a hard time at first.

It is best to unscrew the lid completely once and then screw it back onto the bottle cleanly.
Then you have to pump a few times so that a vacuum is created in the bottle and the product
is sucked upwards.

Then it should work and the night cream can be dosed via the pump dispenser.

If it still doesn't work, we will of course send you a new pump dispenser.

Lip Care

We are sorry that the pump dispenser may not be as effective as we would have liked. Our lip
care is so firm due to its particular richness that it cannot be pumped out of the bottle completely.
We are currently working on an improved removal option.

If you want, we can offer to send you some small wooden spatulas to help you. If you unscrew
the lid, you can remove the care with the spatula easier.

If you need a replacement, please send us an email to or send us a message in our chat, you can find it below
links via the chat button. Please tell us the product you need a replacement for and how many
ml the bottle is, so we can send you the right replacement.

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